Saturday, 27 September 2008

Rolling again

Well the minute we put Niamh down tonight, she flipped onto her side! Of course I was too slow with the video camera so missed it again! She then tried to roll the other way but got too frustrated as her arms wouldn't cooperate with her :) Her bottom half of her body was completely twisted in the right direction and her legs were so high she looked like she was about to take off!

At this rate she will be crawling next week lol!

She just had a large amount of rice cereal and a nice warm bath and has zonked out :)

I had a bit of time out today with a girlfriend which was great. We went to the garden shop and bought some herb seeds! Bailey missed me, he said he loved me to the moon and back which was gorgeous. I say the same to him as my nanny used to say it to me but its the first time he has said it back. Aah bless :)

Real Food!

I think I forgot to mention Niamh started solids!! (Monday 15th September) She loves them :) So far she has had rice cereal and home made apple puree. The shop bought stuff has too much citric acid in and junk, Bailey is fructose intolerant so I am hoping Niamh wont go the same way. He seems to have grown out of it now mostly though, thank goodness! Phew, that was a long sentence!

We have some video of Niamh eating so when I upload it I will post it here.

She is so cute, she still catches my breath when she smiles at me. Her eyes light up so much, its wonderful! She is still a very good baby, happy and content most of the time. She even seems to like Bailey mauling her lol! She was smiling at him today while he was waving her arms around and making her eat her fingers ;) Funny kids.

Niamh seems to be doing well on the physical front, she is sucking her hands and clasping them together. When I put her on the floor she kicks the ball on her play gym and seems to do it for pleasure rather than just reflex. She also apparently rolled yesterday so she must be ok. Its a bit later than I thought as Bailey rolled at 3 months, but I am probably being too enthusiastic :)

I learnt a new word last week: Mumnesia! I definitely have a double dose of that, its funny the things I forget! Ill be mid sentence and go blank, forget peoples names, or where I know them from. I put Baileys milk in a glass last night instead of his bedtime bottle, I could go on forever!

A general observation at the moment is that you cant buy decent tomatoes anywhere at the moment! Even at Central Market last night, they were all overripe with saggy skin or just yukky looking.

Anyway, I am rambling in a bid to avoid finishing painting the door frame. Im using gloss so you can see why Im avoiding it! Right back to it before Little Miss wakes up :)

The boys have gone to kindergym and then on to see the Qantas A380 jumbo landing! Its HUUUGE :)

Im going, Im going.......

Friday, 26 September 2008

Friday 26th September 2008

Niamh rolled!!!

Shame I missed it! I put her on her tummy for tummy time, went to get a drink and by the time I came back she was on her back :) I tried to video it but she was too tired to do it again. Woohoo Niamh!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Monday 15th September 2008

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Good morning :) Not a lot to report today really, Niamh is wonderful. She still has a little rash on her face but it seems to be going away slowly. She didnt wake until 7am today and Bailey woke at 8am so I actually feel human for once!

We went to the Adelaide Show last week which was great, Bailey had a great time on the huge super slide and giant bouncy castle, that child is fearless!

We are going for a routine check to the hospital today and Bailey is excited to be going to the creche, funny boy.

I thought I would share this video of Niamh smiling, she is such a happy, content and placid baby. Bailey adores her and is constantly telling us he 'luffs' her. Sometimes he 'luffs' her to the point of mauling her, but we try and limit that! The feeling is very much mutual as well, yesterday Bailey fell and hurt his head, he was bawling and Niamh dropped her bottom lipped and howled for him! Bailey had to reassure her he was 'allwight' before she was happy again, too precious!

And just because its cute in a different way, the diving pigs at the Adelaide show:

Friday, 5 September 2008

What a week!

Wow, last week was a shocker!! Bailey was going through a very interesting stage last week which was challenging to say the least. Niamh was also quite ill, I hurt my knee and was feeling about 90 and it just got worse!

On thursday night (August 28th) Niamh seemed to get worse (she had bronchiolitis again) so I took her in to see her lovely doctor (again) who wanted to admit her. I must admit it came as a bit of a shock and when they put her on oxygen again I was devastated. I hate seeing her beautiful little face covered with tape and tubes and she was most unhappy about it too. She was so miserable and I had a good cry too :(

We had a nurse on Saturday afternoon who thought we should wake Niamh up every two hours to feed her smaller amounts, this was passed onto the night staff to continue. It was a very, very long night. Poor Niamh, inbetween being woken by the nurse, the alarms beeping (or rather shrieking) every time she wiggled (I had never realised how often our little girl wiggled) and her coughing we did not get enough sleep. By 6.30am the nurse realised it was too much for her and said we should stop waking her now. It took for Niamh to be unable to feed as she was so exhausted to come to this conclusion and I was not happy. I must admit I let them know this too, I was completely frazzled and frustrated! I just wanted to take her home. Thankfully we had a really good paediatrician who could see my point and he let us go home. He is also Baileys paed which was good as he already knew us.

When we got home, Niamh had a good feed and then slept for five hours! She was worn out poor love. We bought a vaporiser on Tuesday and we are amazed at what a difference it has made, she is so much better. You can hardly hear her little chesty purr now! She has been smiling a lot this week and is so gorgeous. She is still wearing newborn/0000 clothes and now weighs 5kg! (11lbs) and is 13 weeks corrected (or 7 months) Incredible!