Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A few photos

Hi again, its been a while, time flies so fast! I can't keep up! This is the only month that Niamh's corrected age is half her real age (8 months old/4 corrected) From now on the difference should get even less and she should start to catch up a bit more.

We had a photo shoot with a friend today and Niamh thought it would be funny to roll every time she was on her tummy! Thats the most she has rolled in weeks, funny little chicken :)

These are not the photos from that shoot, they will be much, much better, but just a few to update you.

Friday, 3 October 2008

What a day!

It started off very early with a play date at Ikea. Bailey has done so well with Toilet Training its a treat he deserves :) We then had an appointment at the hospital for Niamh with the physiotherapist. This didnt go as well as I had hoped. She was supposed to score 10 or 11 on the chart to put her in the 10th percentile (doesn't seem too much) but unfortunately only scored 7 which puts her in the 5th percentile.

I felt bad as I hadn't realised to the extent that she favours her right side. I was aware of it but not enough. Her neck muscles are a little tight on the left side so we have to work hard now to stretch them. I think I exhausted her today as she had to do lots of work after her feeds! She also seems weaker in her left arm, she holds her thumbs so we have to massage them too to get them to go outwards. She doesnt reach out and grab toys (she is four months corrected now) and doesnt put her hands on her knees. She has rolled although of course wouldn't do it yesterday when required so that went against her marks. I think she will be ok now we are on it and will work very hard to correct her where she needs it. The poor little thing will always have to work harder than everyone I think. I wonder if she will need to prove herself later in life as she will be so much smaller than her peers.

After that were her 6 months immunisations. They went fine although the nurse was a bit defensive when I asked her about the MMR which is due at 12 months. I have no objection to it but enquired as to whether or not you can get them done separately. Apparently not anymore, but she was very uppity as to my reasons for asking. I think with all the question surrounding the autism factor it was a fair question, whether or not it has been proven to cause problems. Why take the chance if it could be avoided? As it is I have decided to get the MMR two months prior to the rest of the 12 month vacs. At least then it will minimise the amount of live virus at one time.

Niamh went to her first fancy dress a few weeks ago and heres a picture I took of her with her daddy. She went as a fairy!