Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A montage of Niamh's first year

I have just put this together, it was so emotional looking at all those photos and reliving the feelings that I had at the time. Im really glad to have done it though and hope you like it :)

Play the music nice and loud and enjoy! Its 12 minutes long so make yourself a cuppa!!

Monday, 16 March 2009

The Class of 2008!

Havent we done well! Its been a challenging year and there will be challenges ahead, but here we are, a year on all celebrating birthdays. It was fantastic to catch up with everyone at Bethany and Amelias first birthday. We had a great time ;)

Pony Ride

Niamh went to a friends birthday party recently and had her first horse ride :)

Niamh's First Birthday

What an incredible first year for an incredible baby!! We can't believe we got through it in one piece. Niamh is the perfect baby, she sleeps all night, eats like a horse and is a very happy and funny little girl. She is so loved and we are so, so proud of her coming this far.

Niamh started crawling on her first birthday which was a wonderful gift to us. She is like a puppy dog and I often lose her around the house, she is too fast for me!! She loves eating shoes, net curtains and raiding the waste paper basket for tissues (yeuch)! Even Bailey knows to put it out of reach when she is on the loose! He plays so well with her and even shares his trains with her. They are very sweet together.

We had a huge first birthday party for her. There was a bouncy castle, face painter and a balloon artist who was amazing. The theme was butterflies as these have appeared constantly throughout Niamh's life. The first name badge for her isolette which was made by Anne had a butterfly on it and they have been cropping up ever since. She received a big balloon from the balloon artist which she loved playing with. Regrettably I didnt take nearly enough photos on the day as I was too busy hosting but I have acquired some from my friends :)

Niamh's First Christmas! Finally added!!!

Well, yes, I have been busy :) Have been meaning to update this for ages before it gets to her second Christmas!

Niamh had a great time, she loved playing in the mountains of wrapping paper and loved playing with Bailey and their new toys. She got thoroughly spoilt so a belated thank you to everyone :)

Here are some pics of the day, we went out for lunch this year with a friend of ours so it was nice not to have to cook for a change.