Monday, 28 July 2008

Niamhs Eyes

We finally got the all clear! Thank Goodness! We don't have to go back until she is one now. Niamh is still poorly, very chesty and phlegmy. She sounds terrible poor little darling but hopefully is over the worst of it now.

Not much else to say today. We are toilet training Bailey which isn't going toooo badly, but not that great either! Hopefully it won't take too long to get there.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Saturday July 19th

Heres the newspaper article Sunday Mail

and here!

Its really lovely for Niamh to be featured in the paper, and as a couple of friends said

"Two pages before Britney Spears" LOL! Niamh was on page 7 ;)

Friday, 18 July 2008

Friday 18th July

Pictures at last!!

If you are in Adelaide, you may want to take a peek at this weeks Sunday Mail. Niamh was chosen to do a story on for National Premie Day next Friday 25th which is really exciting! We also did some video which will be on the internet. I will post the link when I know it :) Eek!

Another busy week of appointments next week. A routine check up with Andy on Monday followed by immunisations and hopefully the final eye check on Thursday.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Saturday 12th July

First, good news!! Niamhs eyes are looking like they are developing normally! The blood vessels have started to grow through the haemorrhaging which is great. We have one final check in a fortnight and that should be the end of it. Im sure she will have to have checks in the future, but we seem to be out of the danger zone.

My endoscopy didnt show anything apart from a bit of gastritis. The doctor took a biopsy and the results should be back in a few weeks.

We have a very sick household at the moment, Im not 100%, Anthony is out with the flu and really bad toothache apperantly caused by the flu, Bailey has a cold and has been very tired today and Niamh still has a very bad chest and cough. She is doing remarkably well though and is feeding really well still.

Bailey and I chilled out at a fave local cafe of mine. Its called The Store and is a deli/cafe. I love it there. Bailey had a baby cino and a gingerbread man and I had a cappucino and we hung out together, he can be such good company now, I love taking him out. Anthony stayed in bed all day and looked after Niamh.

Better go and rescue dinner! A very british roast beef tonight complete with yorkshire puds (imported mix from Yorkshire too lol)! Sad ain't it?!! I made galaktobureko (sp.?) to go with it, I may not have spelt it right, but thanks to a greek friend of mine, I sure know how to pronounce it rofl. (Shes always laughing at my attempts)!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wednesday 9th July 2008

Its been two weeks since I last posted! That time flew past! Things are certainly busy here.

I did my good mummy duty last Thursday and hit the Annual Toy Sales! There wasnt much to be had this year but I got Bailey a giant Fire Truck and Niamh a cute doll for her pram. It was very civilized this year, no trolley rage lol, but then I was there at 7.30am :)

I went to a Growth and Development talk at the hospital yesterday (see, still can't keep away). It was interesting and has prompted me to put down some things that may be useful as we were asked for our input. One of the parents suggested a support group for after we leave the hospital. I think this is a great idea. There is premie playgroup which I have yet to go to, but I think there is room for more. Bec has been an amazing, constant support for us parents and the coffee mornings were excellent. I always really looked forward to them. She is about to have her second baby tomorrow, so a huge congratulations to her and her family. Hope it all goes really well!! xx

We had some bad news today, Niamh has bronchiolitis. She had a cold for the last couple of days, which she has dealt with before, but this morning she woke me up at 3am wheezing. She was struggling for breath and choking on phlegm which sounded horrible. I was awake for the day then and watched her while she slept to make sure she was alright. I phoned her wonderful paediatrician this morning and he saw us as soon as he could. I cannot speak highly enough of Andy, he always makes time for us and is brilliant. Info on Brochiolitis is here:

We have to feed little and often so she doesnt get tired or bring it back up, and let her rest. There isnt much else we can do at the moment. Her oximetry was good (96) Anything above 93 seems to be good so I hope it stays that way. I dont think I could cope if she had to be hospitalised, and especially ventilated, not after everything she has gone through. I keep telling her she will be fine and get through this so lets hope her fighting spirit is still alive and well!

I am in hospital tomorrow having an endoscopy, it never ends does it? Not looking forward to that but we need to find out what causes the pain. I had the worst attack ever, about 3 weeks ago and was bringing up bright, yellow bile and nothing else. It was terrible, Anthony wanted to take me to hospital, but ironically I was too ill. We called out a doctor instead, but of course I felt a lot better by then.

On Friday we are back at the hospital once again for Niamhs eyes. Fingers crossed this is something we can move on from at last.

Time for sleep.