Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wednesday 25th June

Thanks for all the comments! She is a little princess and is so adorable, we do kiss her a lot actually lol!

Well, good news on the eye front! Things are looking better,she still needs to have another test but not for two weeks now. It looks like it is settling down so fingers still crossed please :) It wasnt too bad going to Flinders today, its miles away but we had an easy ride and they saw us fairly quickly as they knew we had another appointment in the city afterwards to get too.

It was quite funny actually, Bailey knew we were going to the 'hofpital' to see a doctor for Niamh and when we went to our second appointment (which was right next to Womens and Childrens ironically) he said " Are we going to another hofpital for Niamh mummy"? Poor little darling, he has been bounced from one hospital or doctor to the next for the last five months, its just normal life for him now.

Niamh is a dream. Last night she fed at 10.30pm and then slept until 5am! Amazing! I felt great this morning and even had a lay in as Bailey woke late too!

I had another very bad attack with my stomach on Sunday, thank goodness I am seeing a specialist next week (yet another doctor lol) It knocked me out all day and I was a wreck the next day. Which reminds me, Niamh had an appointment with her wonderful paediatrician, Andy on Monday which went well. She is doing very well with the weight gain and has had her steroids reduced again to .05 of a ml. Its about 4 drops every other day.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Thursday, 19 June 2008

Thursday 19th June

We had a good visit with the Child Youth Nurse today. Niamh now weighs 3.4kg which is a gain of 400g in a week!! She is in the 25th percentile for growth so at least she is on the chart! :) We dont have any real concerns so it was all straight forward and the nurse said she looks great.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wednesday 18th June

Eye Exam again!

It took ages to get to the other hospital today. We had to go to Flinders which took nearly an hour. Then when we got there we got to every floor in the building as no one had any idea who we were seeing or where they were! We found it eventually as some kind soul took us there, we would never have found it otherwise! We were horribly late by this point!

We had to wait in the family room there. Its really just like the visitors room at the WCH but a bit bigger and with tea and coffee facilities. It would be great to have that kind of room at WCH as well as a visitors room for outpatients and relatives etc.

Anyway, we finally got seen and unfortunately it is still inconclusive. Niamh still has the haemorrhaging but it hasnt gotten worse, just no better either.
We have to go again next Wednesday.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Saturday 14th May

Niamh's Eye Exam

Didn't go quite according to plan, there has been some haemorraging of the blood vessels so a top eye specialist was called in to give a second opinion. Laser surgery is still a possiblility at this stage, but not definite. We are going back again on Wednesday for another eye exam.

Feeling very frustrated with this and wish it was just over. We spent almost the entire day there yesterday, luckily Bailey was easily amused and very happy to be there! I think its his second home, he didnt want to go in the creche though but was happy to see everyone and chat. We visited a good friend of ours who is in the parenting unit this weekend. Im so excited for her! We went for a visit and she was so happy to be there!

It was funny trying to get out of the hospital yesterday, the doors to the wards kept opening and we saw so many of Niamhs lovely nurses we couldnt get away lol! It was great to see them and they were so happy to see Niamh, it was good to have a chat. We joked that they should keep the doors shut or we would never escape :)

Not much else to report, Niamh is doing really well. She is still very placid and feeds at predictable times (12am,4am,8am,12pm,4pm,8pm)! She only ever waivors by half an hour or so and then gets herself back on track. Shes a happy little girl and has settled in really well. Bailey really loves her, even the doctor yesterday commented on how good he is with her. He always wants to see her and if she cries for even a second he is telling us to "Go see Niamh"!

We got a call from our local Maternal Health Nurse, so we must go and see her soon.

Will update after the next eye test.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Tuesday 10th June An update at last!!

Sorry for the delay! We have been really busy (unsurprisingly) having two children is pretty hectic :) Niamh is powering along though, she had her check up today with her paed which went really well. She has put on 447g in two weeks and now weighs 3.07kg! Little porker, I think its all in her cheeks :) She has a cold/viral infection in her nasal area so she is now on antibiotics. She is doing really well though and we have been using the nasal aspirator to clear her out. We havent been getting much sleep as Anthony stays up to do the midnight feed (which ends up trailing on until the early hours as she doesnt always want to settle right away) and then not long after he wheels her in at 3am, Im up clearing her nose and getting ready for the 4am feed. She goes every four hours which is fantastic, yesterday she went 5 hours while we enjoyed my birthday lunch.

Bailey is enamoured with her, he is so affectionate with her. If she cries he is quick to tell me and is genuinely concerned. He also loves to come and see her in the morning and stands on his chair to watch me change her and get her ready. He loves holding her and is pretty good with it. We watch him like a hawk though, just to make sure :) but try to do it subtlely.

Ive been pretty flat. I think everything has come to a head and it has hit me all at once. I feel burnt out and have been trying to take it easy and not get too involved in anything. I just havent had the energy or emotional capacity and have been avoiding talking to people as much as possible. Ive been very grumpy! Still, this week, so far has been better, its been great having Anthony home, Im not sure how I am going to go without him as I have come to rely on him a lot. I dont quite feel right in myself still, but hopefully I will back to 'normal' soon!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Monday 2nd June 2008

Its taken a while to get back here! Niamh has had a great week. She is thriving and has put on over 200g!! She had her eyes tested on Friday morning and Im pleased to say that there was some improvement there. She needs to go back in a fortnight for hopefully what will be her last check and then she should get the all clear.

Niamh is such a placid, settled little girl. She is a delight. Her steroids (for her lungs) can make her a bit wakeful and agitated, but generally she is perfect. I almost forget she is here! We are fully breastfeeding with a formula top up which is working really well. Niamh even slept from 11pm until 4.20am last night! Bliss!

Bailey just loves her, he is very affectionate with her and after an initial, scary moment (he tipped the bassinette over whilst trying to look at her) it is all good. He is obviously very curious but thats only natural.

Ive had an abdominal ultrasound to see whats going on with me but wont get the results until Tuesday.

Apart from that, life is very busy! I will get back and put some piccies up later.