Saturday, 22 November 2008

777 All the Sevens!

Niamh now weighs 7kg! And is still sleeping 7-7am sometimes even a bit later! She is doing so well and is a happy little girl. Somebody stopped me today at the shops as Niamh was beaming away at her and she wanted to say hello! She gets so much attention everywhere we go, its funny. She is beautiful though ;)

Niamh is having 3 solid meals a day now as well as her milk feeds. She loves her food and opens her little mouth for more, she gets quite grumpy if I'm not quick enough! She is grabbing toys with both hands now and today passed a toy between her hands which I hadnt seen her do before. She still favours one side so we try and encourage her to look the other way. She can physically turn her head, just prefers not to.

I could swear she woke up and said "Mumma" the other day. It was pretty clear, even Anthony heard it!! Though he thought I had lost the plot when I suggested she had said "I'm Niamh" LOL!

Bailey has been getting better at playing nicely with her. He still has his moments but he does love her very much and the feeling is definitely mutual! Niamh adores him.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Progress Report

Niamh is doing so well! She has been sleeping through the night (7pm-7am) for over a week now and its brilliant! She loves her food and eats lots!

Heres a photo I took on Tuesday November 11th.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Melbourne Cup Day

I think Niamh enjoyed her first Melbourne Cup Day! She placed a bet on Prized Lady, but didnt win anything! I placed a bit on Mad Rush as life seems to be a constant one, but no joy there either! Should have trusted my instincts and backed the winner lol!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hee Hee!

That post makes it look like Niamh has grown up into a little boy! LoL!

Niamh is having a growth spurt!

My kindy boy

Aah, brotherly love :)

STOP taking my photo dammit!

cherries, sweet cherries ;)

A lovely friend sent us a gorgeous little outfit today for Niamh, thanks Leoni, heres the pic as promised, and a few others too that I couldnt resist!Girls and their wardrobes!

Hello again, well Niamh is certainly growing lots these past few weeks. She is loving solids and has finally outgrown 0000 size clothes! She is now in 000 (or 0-3 months) but she will fast outgrow these too and is already in some 00 sleepsuits! I cant believe that after spending the last 6 months in newborn size that she is going to spend only a few weeks in 000, but there you go! Im just disappointed that I have so many clothes for her that she wont get the wear out of.

We have a friend visiting from Interstate tomorrow which will be great, she hasnt met Niamh yet ;) We also have a physio appointment again on Friday so hopefully Niamh will be co-operative and show what she can do!

I have started to plan Niamhs first birthday party, its all booked! Im in the process of sending out the invites but have a few addresses I need to find first! I know, I know, its months away, but theres a lot to organise!