Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Wednesday 30th April

Niamh has been an angel overnight, she has put on another 50g and woofed down her midnight bottle feed ;)

Niamh is top of the list for the Fat Farm!! We cant believe she has only been in SCBU for 5 days!! Thought we had weeks ahead of us! Anyway, next to go as soon as there is a space ;)

We had a really successful breastfeed last night, it was great and Niamh also had her first bath given by her daddy :) She seemed to really enjoy it and relax. I took photos but will post later as I have to go the hospital again.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tuesday 29th April

Another lovely day with Niamh. She had her third successful breastfeed, this time without the shield, even managed to get a photo of it :)

Coffee morning was hard today. Its a place where parents can come and share their experiences with each other and some of the lovely people I have met are having a terrible time of it. It makes you realise how lucky you are. Niamh has given us such an easy ride, it could have been so much worse. Its been long and exhausting but she has gone from strength to strength and given us so much hope.

I was thinking today how many seasons have changed while we have been in hospital. It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day today. I took a photo of a tree with lovely leaves :) Anthony came in this afternoon and had a nice cuddle. I also managed a shot of a barefaced Niamh while she was having her tubes changed. Its so rare to see her without any tape.

Looking forward to tomorrow when Anthony gives Niamh her first bath in the evening and I will give her a feed before hand. Its looking promising for an early release too. We live within the area for N.E.D (Neonatal Early Discharge) program which is great! A midwife will visit us everyday until we can be 'discharged' Niamh now needs to do 3 suck feeds a day (she is currently on two and handling them well) and then we can hopefully go to SCBU. The minimum weight for discharge is 1800g which she is now comfortably past as well as being stable which she is, open cot and I think that was it. She is so close! I cant believe we can take home such a teeny, tiny baby, but apparently we can. Time is the only problem now. I just hope that her eye test is clear. Thats the next thing.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday 28th April

Just a reminder of how she first was. Niamh is a week old here. 15th and 16th February 2008

Niamh weighs TWO KILOS! She looked beautiful today and was bright eyed and content. We had a lovely cuddle and she was looking at me the whole time, just gorgeous. Oxygen was at minimum and she had had a good morning. I dont have time for more at the moment and there isnt really a lot more to say but I will try and come back later with an update.


Niamh had a bottle feed at 6pm and sucked the whole lot down! She has 26mls every two hours but only two sucking feeds a day. She copes so well with everything we throw at her ;)

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday 27th April

Niamh is doing really well. She is regulating her body temp quite well although I did cook her this morning when she had her feed! Poor little thing, I had to strip her down while I changed her nappy and redress her in cooler clothes. Its really cold here today but its warm in SCBU. We had another good feed, but we gave her a top up gavage feed (through the NG tube) as she got quite tired. The funny thing was though, when I had changed her and wrapped her up, she was awake for ages! She was looking around and playing with Wookie :) She has the prongs back on for some oxygen but it just wafts up her nose rather than having prongs up there. Its a shame she has to have tape on her face again, but hopefully she will get stronger and not need it at all. The doctor came round this morning and was very happy with her.

I also met up with my old buddies from NIC 2, it was great to see them and really touching to hear that they had texted each other when they saw Niamh had joined their daughter and was in an open cot!

Its amazing how different I feel now that Niamh is in SCBU, I feel like a great weight has lifted off my shoulders. I actually think I was starting to lose it a little. Yup, crazier than usual, hard to imagine, I know :) I was getting very over sensitive though feeling really trapped as though we were never going to get on the home straight. Its hard to prepare yourself when you don't know whats coming up. Anyway, enough rambling, have a good Sunday. I will :)


I phoned for an update, all is good and Niamh is back in air again as her oxygen sats were so high. She has slight dips but so far, so good. She is sooo close to being in air all the time. No bradys either which is great, they are not nice to watch. She had one this morning and went quite blue but recovered quickly. I must be getting used to them now as I just sat her up, whipped off her wrap and tickled her tummy to stimulate her. I held her chin up too to help her breathe. They teach us baby CPR before we go home, think Ive had a crash course already! We are looking at getting an AngelCare monitor. This is going to be a very different experience bringing Niamh home, I will absolutey be paranoid lol!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday 26th April

Well, Niamh has settled into SCBU nicely! We had a great, first visit this morning and Niamh had her first breastfeed! She fed for 15 minutes with only one minor desat which she sorted out herself. She was a natural! We used a nipple shield to help her latch on but she was a natural at it once she got started. 15 minutes was a phenomenal amount of time for her, we weren't sure if she would last five minutes as it is very hard for her to breathe, suck and swallow at the same time and she gets very tired. She was breathing all by herself in normal air and no oxygen was given at all. When she went back into her isolette she fell fast asleep :)

I just phoned for an update and she has now gone into an open cot and is desatting nicely. As long as her oxygen levels stay above 88 they are happy with her. They were mostly 90+ when she fed so just brilliant! I can't believe our little miracle, the doctor said yesterday that she is a 'Once in a lifetime baby" Thank God she is ours, we are so lucky. I can't imagine the pain that parents go through that haven't had it as easy as us, we are definitely one of the very lucky ones. I'm so grateful.

Its wonderful to be out of NICU2, I was starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, it really is intense this intensive care lark lol. The nurses all do a wonderful job though, they have been brilliant.

I wish we had taken a photo today, but with a very excited Bailey in tow thats not so easy. He came in when I was holding Niamh and said hello nicely, he touched her on her head really gently. I think he will be good when we come home. Anthony then had to distract him while I fed Niamh.

The fun really starts now. Niamh will initially have one breastfeed a day which I obviously need to be there for so the visits will be carefully timed and worked around and there are no more days off. Im glad I made the most of the last two Tuesdays to stay home, I knew it would ramp up soon. Im not sure how I will deal with two feeds a day, that will be interesting, wish I lived nearer the hospital. I think I will have to hang around a lot. Would be easier if she was my first. Still, I'm determined to breast feed so I will find a way.

Have to prepare for dinner guests now :) Back tomorrow afternoon. I have to be there at 9.30am for the first feed and then we are taking Bailey to the trains again.

Ok, ok, so Im back already! I phoned for another update as Im a bit anxious now she is out in the big wide world so to speak. She is still doing well in air and was maintaining her temperature well too. I have to go and sort out clothes to take with me tomorrow, she is outgrowing things very fast now! She had a brady when she had her feed earlier but the nurse said she gave it much slower next time. I hope she's ok.

Another update, I know, I can't stop phoning lol! Niamh has now been put back on a 'whiff' of oxygen. She was having a few bradys and desats and had to work too hard so a bit of help was needed. She is having a bottle feed at Midnight, hope it is more successful then the five minutes she did yesterday.

I have sorted out a pile of clothes to take with me tomorrow and have labeled them all. Ive run out now so am looking forward to getting the ones I ordered from our Childcare fundraiser, thanks Sarah!

Going to bed now! Night night.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Anzac Day 25th April 2008

Niamh is a NICU graduate and is moving to SCBU this afternoon!!! I can't believe, it feels like it has flown by and we are definitely on the home straight now. I was feeling like we would never get out of there! Im very excited :)

I had a cuddle with her today and she had no oxygen at all, she had a brady towards the end of the cuddle because she was getting tired I think, but other than that she was great.

Anthony did her cares today and as we had to take Bailey, he took him to the playground so I could have a cuddle. Anthony is still a bit snuffly so hopefully next time he can have a cuddle.

Niamh has now moved across and is doing well. Still the odd brady and desat so her oxygen was put up to 24% but has moved down to 22%. They were about to weigh her but we will find out tomorrow what the result was. Here are a couple of pics from today, Niamh loves her daddy! Look at that smile. We also had a friend visit today which was lovely, thank you :) Niamh smiled quite a lot then too! Cheeky girl :)

Thursday 24th April

11 Weeks today!

Brain scan was NORMAL!!! Woohoo! That was fantastic news, as was the fact that she is now top of the list to go to SCBU. Just waiting for a new admission to NICU for her to be bumped along.

I had a cuddle with her today which was much needed. It had been about a week as I was worried I would pass on my lurgy. We were cuddling for about ten minutes when I realised that she had no oxygen yet her stats were perfect! Shes so amazing! She spent most of the cuddle craning her neck to look up at me. So strong :) I could gush forever about how wonderful she is but I will let her fat little buddha photos do the talking :)

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Still Wednesday 23rd April, Evening

Lots of news today. I found out why Niamh came early! I had an infection in the placenta which is why my mebranes ruptured. Phew, at least there was a reason and not just my body rejecting her. After all we went through to keep her in, I got an infection, makes no sense really! My doctor said that if we wanted another one I should have blood tests to check my antibodies etc and that I would need to inject heparin again and take asprin. I may also need a stitch in my cervix to see if that would help. I would expect bedrest at some point too. Not sure if we are going back for number 3 just yet though :)

The magic word has been mentioned! SCBU! Niamh is 6th on the list and it could happen at any time! The wait is due to staffing levels so whenever its a good time, off she goes! She is doing so well on the cot oxygen, its at 23% so very low. It would be great to get her off it!

Well, I must go to bed, I dont think there was anything else to say, she is off the antibiotics. The swab results indicated an infection, but she is fine. Eye test so far seems ok but a repeat in two weeks. Brain scan appears fine as we have not heard otherwise but we havent spoken to her doctor yet. Nothing on the report though so fingers crossed thats all good too.

There was another 23 weeker born yesterday or today. I really feel for her poor mother. I hope she does well :)

Well, its time for bed, night night and thank you for all the lovely comments, I love reading them and it spurs me on.xxxx

Wednesday 23rd April

Niamh put on another whopping 50 grams overnight! She now weighs 1.88kg and has tripled her birthweight comfortably in 11 weeks. Can you imagine a newborn tripling its' birthweight in 11 weeks? It would be the size of a 2 year old!!

I am really hoping we wil hear those magic words soon "SCBU" :) Niamh is on oxygen cot at the moment, about 22/23% last time I heard, Air is 21% so it really is minimal. Im hoping it won't be long and she will come off that and can go into an open cot as she is. Otherwise she will need an intranasal tube which is like the optiflow tube but with the prongs snipped off. So more tape on her face!

Anyway, I will be there this afternoon and Anthony and I will go back in this evening as well.

I went to the doctors by the way and Im fine! Just run down I think, waste of time really!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tuesday 22nd April

Niamh is off Optiflow!! So far so good! She is now on minimal cot oxygen and the only tube she has is her feeding tube. I cant wait to see her beautiful little face tomorrow. Still no news on the cultures from her finger but it looks much better. Her eye test seems to be ok too which is a relief but she will still have another check up in a fortnight. Should hopefully have some brain scan results soon too.

Sorry about the short and sweet post, its good news though! I feel like Im hitting that wall again, I dont know why when all the news is positive, but after 11 weeks, Im tired and just want to bring home my baby girl. Its still about 5/6 weeks to go which in the scheme of things is not too long, but its still 5/6 weeks! Im preparing myself for about 7 weeks, that way I won't be disappointed. Im sick of it all, everything, but I can only think of our miraculous girl and take heart from her strength and fighting spririt. Shes amazing!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday 21st April

5.52am Up early today. Had to express so I phoned for an update. Niamh was quite settled with nothing to report. Her finger wasn't mentioned as any concern at handover so I will see today when I go if it has changed at all. I have a friend coming to visit today. Im going to go to the doctors on the way as my chest feels a bit tight. I want to jump on any infection quickly if there is one.

Back later :)

Im back! Well, Niamh isnt going in an open cot just yet. The doctors don't think she is quite ready which is fair enough, they definitely know best :) Good news on the optiflow though, it got turned down to 2. She was having a few bradys but will hopefully settle. The first 24 hours are the most important apparently. Niamh had another eye check and although Im unsure of the results they seem to be ok as far as I can tell but still needs another one in two weeks. She also had a brain scan and I will know the results in a few days. Lots has happened today hasn't it?

Niamhs finger is looking better, it definitely didn't look any worse so fingers crossed it was just a localised thing. I will put photos up tomorrow, I had a friend visit today who took a couple of lovely shots so she may let me put them up :)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday 20th April

Just a short post today as its late and bed is calling.

We spent most of the day trying to find Bailey a new bed. He is currently sleeping in his cot which converted into a toddler bed, but we are going to need it to change back into a cot for Niamh so hence todays mission :) Got to love Ikea solving these problems, although nothing really jumped out at us much yesterday. After looking at lots of shops today, Ikea seemed just peachy in comparison so back we went. Of course, it was just an excuse to buy more Daim bars and meatballs, but you get that :) Anyway, mission accomplished, now just to find the allen key amidst all that packing foam and cardboard :)

As for Niamh, Im not sure if she will still go in an open cot tomorrow. I found a little sore on her finger today that looked quite nasty. It looks like a blister and a bit infected at that. The doctors decided to start on her antibiotics immediately while they take a swab. The cultures take 48 hours to come back so we won't know what it is until Wednesday. I thought we were sailing through a bit too well, I just hope and pray its nothing serious and it wont set us back at all.

On the plus side her optiflow was turned down to 3 today which is great and she has been really stable on it too. The hospital had a powercut yesterday while we were there and the machines kept turning themselves off (kind of scary in an intensive care unit) the back up power was pretty slow at coming on, but in the kerfuffle, Niamhs optiflow had gone down to 0 but she was still doing really well! I cried tears of joy when we heard it had gone down today! When it goes to 2 its basically not doing anything so she is getting closer to not needing it.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Saturday 19th April

What a busy day! Sorry it's taken so long to update the blog, I had a pile of washing (or was that 3 piles)? to sort out and all the usual evening routine to boot. Anthony and I aren't feeling too well either which is annoying. We are both feeling like we are about to come down with something, but nothing eventuates. We just had a nightcap of lemsip so hopefully that will help, that and some much needed sleep. Had a shocking night last night, Bailey came in and I ended up sleeping with him in the guest room. That boy does not stop talking! Even in his sleep! Ah the joys of parenthood :)

Well, our precious little miracle has today put on another hefty 70g. They also gave her a diuretic as she looked a bit puffy and she did the biggest wee ever! I think she will lose 50g overnight just due to that. I had to change every one of her sheets, even the padded 'nest' she sleeps on! Everything was saturated. Niamh also had a blood transfusion today as her haemoglobin levels were on the low side. The doctors had been holding off, but she just wasnt making enough herself. She certainly looked a lovely, healthy shade of pink today so I think it agreed with her. She looked so smiley, though I expect it was wind ;)

She is down to go into an open cot on Monday which Im sure Ive already mentioned (can you tell I'm excited)? It all depends on whether or not she can regulate her own body temperature so don't be surprised if its a few more days yet.

We spoke to our doctor today who thinks that if all keeps going well, Niamh will be coming home in 5 weeks!! Can you believe it?!! It feels like we will be doing this forever, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Now we just need to get out of the NICU lol!

One of the babies got out and moved on to SCBU yesterday, I will miss seeing her parents, they are lovely people. Hopefully I will see them around. Its funny how you bond with people and then they go and thats that. Its so true what they say about friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Thats not to say you might not make life long friends in this situation, but your main focus is getting through this and home and if making friends along the way, and supporting each other is something that helps, then you do it, even if they are only friends for that short period of time and then you move on.

Did I tell you about the photo shoot we did at the hospital the other week? The Hospital is putting together a new information booklet for parents in NICU/SCBU and wanted to photograph some babies to go in it. Niamh was one of the babies along with some of her friends. The photographer put the photos on a disc which I received yesterday and Ive put a couple on here. I had to read her a story which felt really embarrassing but didn't come out too badly lol! It was so nice to receive the cd as its another record of our time here.

The other thing Niamh has been part of is the Perinatal Conference in Queensland. Niamh is a 'poster' girl for a paper on hyperthermia. The new technique is to wrap babies born early or with low birth weight in plastic when they are born to maintain or increase their temperature. Niamhs picture of her wrapped in plastic moments after her being born was used to demonstrate the method.

Friday, 18 April 2008


I just made this storyboard to give some idea as to how much Niamh has grown. She looks so tiny in that first photo and was just two days old! In the second photo she is two weeks old, and the most recent one she is 8 weeks old.

Friday 18th April

What a hectic day! Anthony had a work lunch in the city today, so I dropped him off at work before going to the hospital. That way he could enjoy the drinks and catch a train home. It was quiet in the NICU today, but a good atmosphere. One of the nurses was leaving to travel and had brought in cake :) Then one of the mums brought in a huge box of cakes too :) They went down very well!

Niamh has put on another 30g and weighs a whopping 1.6kg! She is steaming ahead now, and is apparently due to go into an open cot on Monday! Our baby girl is growing up :) She looked very comfortable all wrapped up and holding her dummy. Niamh is growing out of so many of her clothes now, they all look so teeny tiny. Its incredible to think that she was wearing them and that they were huge on her!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Thursday 17th April

Niamh was really good today, we had a lovely skin to skin cuddle and she was exhausted afterwards and slept most of the day. Our day hadnt really gone to plan at first. Bailey fell asleep in the car and when we got to the creche, it was full. I had to take B up with me but as he was asleep it wasn't too bad. In fact, he was as good as gold when he woke up and had a lovely visit with Niamh. He was so gentle with her and touched her head very softly. The creche phoned just in time for me to go to the information session run by one of the physios, it was good and I found it useful, it was really busy today!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Wednesday 16th April

Niamh is doing really well today. Her oxygen was right down to either air or just above so she is having minimal oxygen if any. Her pressure is still at 4 on optiflow although she pulled her prongs out this evening so I think she was trying to tell us something! I tried to retape it but it was a bit wonky and I think the whole thing needs retaping again! It looks like she is going into an open cot next week! She is already being wrapped now and seems really comfy with it. My mum will especially appreciate this photo as she loved seeing Bailey wrapped like a sausage roll lol! It will be Monday week (28th) when Niamh will have her eyes checked again, lets hope they are fine. She does look at us and follow movement so heres hoping.

I can't wait for her to have her first bath! Anthony will do the honours when the time comes which will hopefully be not long after she goes into a cot.

I completely got my times mixed up today! I thought I had an appointment with my specialist at 1.40pm, but after waiting outside a locked office today for half an hour, another secretary from another specialist phoned him only to find out I should have been there yesterday! How I got it so wrong, I dont know, I even had it in my organiser for that day and time. I have to go again next week now. Seeing as I was next to the hospital, I popped in and saw Niamh for a while. Anthony worked from home today so I was able to leave Bailey asleep at home which made it much easier for me. Bailey didnt stir at all so Anthony could still work, so it was good all round :) We went up again this evening and Anthony did her cares for her.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Tuesday 15th April

Niamh is doing well today, she has put on 30g overnight. Not much else has changed, she was having nappy free time when I phoned. Im not feeling too flash today, tingly throat and a bit snuffly so Im taking it easy while Bailey is in Childcare to try and prevent it turning into anything. If I get ill, I can't go and see Niamh so don't want to overdo it!

I will be back in to see her tomorrow so more photos then ;)

Monday, 14 April 2008

Monday 14th April Day 68

Well, we went to see Miss Niamh today and she was just lovely. She has put on another 50g and was looking good. I got to have a nice cuddle while Bailey slept in the creche. It was such a busy day today, B had a playdate this morning and I had some errands to run on the way to the hospital. He then has swimming at 5 so it was really busy! Sorry this is so short, Im pretty tired tonight.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday 13th April

We had a quick visit today, Niamh was really good and has been getting rid of a lot of the built up fluid. She lost 30g overnight so they are going to look at reducing/stopping the diuretic. The doctors and nurses keep saying how great she is doing, so we are really, really happy with that :)

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Saturday 12th April

Niamh is great today. I will have to upload pictures tomorrow as I havent had time. Anthony got a lovely cuddle with her today which was good. She was so warm, the little monkey! They are actually talking about putting her in an open cot pretty soon as she is maintaining her temperature really well!

Not much else to report, see you tomorrow.

Friday, 11 April 2008

Friday 11th April

I can hold you in the palm of my hand!

Niamh was really good today, she lost 60g overnight which hopefully was all the fluid she was hanging on to. Her optiflow pressure has been reduced to 4 as well. Her body was working too hard to move the fluid before so it couldnt be reduced so now, hopefully she will cope well with it. Once she is weaned off the optiflow (and once it is down to 2 she is more or less weaned as it doesnt go any lower) she will just be on pure oxygen. We are hoping that in a week or two she will be able to maintain her temperature enough to go into an open cot. She is doing pretty well at that though which I hadnt even noticed! Her cot temp used to be 'Queensland' i.e. a sunny 37c but now its down to 26c and she can maintain herself pretty well. I am also hoping to be able to bath her soon as well. The poor darling was a bit wiffy today, from all the humidity and lack of water near her it was inevitable. It will be nice to spruce her up though :)

I had another very nice cuddle with her today skin to skin and she slept the whole time! A bit of an arty photo today, dont look too closely though, Im still working out Photoshop lol!

I forgot to add that I went to Central Markets after the hospital today to treat Bailey to a babycino and a gingerbread man. The lady I always buy Baileys little sausages from was so lovely, we hadnt seen each other for a while as I dont get the opportunity to go there much anymore, but she said that having babies obviously agreed with me as I looked radiant! I have to admit, I wasn't feeling radiant, but she brought tears to my eyes! Very kind, or is that blind? Rofl!

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday 10th April

Niamh is 9 weeks today! I can't believe how quick that has gone! Wow! We had a good day today. I was lucky enough to get a skin to skin cuddle with her that was really nice. She was looking up at me a couple of times and the rest of the time she slept :) I also gave her a teeny tiny micro breastfeed, just a couple of little sucks before she fell asleep again but she knew what to do.

The swab hadn't come back from her eye yet, although it looks much better so hopefully all is good. Her nails are so long, I must remember to take a nail file in tomorrow to shorten them. She has put on 60g again overnight, but she is also puffy so the doctors have given her a diuretic to move the fluid along. The lady from the PIPIN trial came today as well to take Niamh's head and length measurements. I cant't remember the exact lengths but she has grown 1cm in both places so thats great. I will get the figures and update the growth chart.

Niamh is wearing the little suit my sis bought for her, thankyou! :)

Niamh is now the official Baby of the Month for April on the Early Birds website (Thankyou Lynda)! Go to and click on Earlybird Club on the left hand side to see Niamh! She was on CPAP at the time the photo was taken and just managed to get it off for a quick photo :)

We also had the education session again today, these are every Thursday and today we were provided with food! Well thats a good enough reason to go! :) It was yummy, and of course, very informative! :)

There was one interesting new mum there, last week I was very curious about her. We were asked the question "What is it like to be a NICU/SCBU mum" and she said 'Great' in a very light and airy manner, she was quite serious too, no sarcasm detected.
Tell me I'm crazy, but I couldnt think of anything worse than having a new baby in intensive care or the special care baby unit. I found out today that she has only been here a week and should be home next week so she is blissfully unaware of the trauma that comes with having one so early and being in it for the longhaul.

I was asked how I found expressing and I explained that at first I was very angry about it as I had 17 long weeks ahead of me and I was finding it very hard. Its just as mentally difficult as it is physical and I wasnt coping too well at first with not having my daughter at home with me. There are so many thoughts that you have it takes a while to accept how things are, but I think I have now. 'New Mum's' comment was a patronising 'Oh, but its sooo worth it'! Aaaah!! As if we dont know that! Anyway, we did have a good laugh about it and consoled ourselves with the fact that she was clueless and lucky to be so blissfully ignorant.

Gosh, that turned into a bit of a rant didn't it? It wasnt meant to be! Just gives you an idea of some of the things we come across here. That and lots of differing opinions on how things should be done but thats another vent!

I have uploaded lots of pics today as I didn't do many yesterday, plus some video of Niamh sucking her fingers. I love, love, love the hat she is wearing today, this was kindly crocheted by a good friend of mine who is multi talented in all sorts of crafty areas! Thank you Clair, it looks great doesn't it?! It fits her really well too.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wednesday 9th April

Niamh has been good overnight and stable this morning. She put on 10g again and has been good all day.

Anthony had a good skin to skin cuddle with Niamh tonight, they both really enjoyed it! Look at her face when Anthony is holding her, she looks so happy! She loves her daddy.

She has grazed herself somehow on her chin, and scratched her eyes so she looks in the wars! They are going to take a swab to see if there is any infection there.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Tuesday 8th April

Edited to add: Thankyou Nanny Royle for the beautiful hat handknitted with love and the cute jumpsuit! Niamh is getting so big she is almost outgrowing it, but she has loved wearing it!

Sorry for the late entry! All is well, nothing has changed actually! Niamh gained 10g and that was it. She had her photo taken today which went well. She was very compliant and seemed to sleep through the whole thing. We got to have a cuddle too which was nice. Im feeling a bit detached from it all today, not sure why, I think its just because its been 9 weeks now, and it still seems such a long time to go. Im drained of so many emotions that I can't even keep track of how Im feeling. I think Im ok, just disconnected. It doesnt help when my brain fails me and I blurt things out that should stay firmly in my head, I keep calling people the wrong names and saying things that should just be thought lol!Oh well, take me as you find me I guess.