Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Wednesday 13th August

Another post at last! We have been so busy lately. Niamh is doing really well and is going through a huge growth spurt!! I fed her every two hours today, she just wasn't satisfied and was chewing her tiny hands off!! At 6pm she had 200mls of milk which is unheard of, she lasted four hours and then drank another 14omls. She is just gorgeous and I will try and upload some pics tomorrow.

I took Niamh to the cinema yesterday, it was a bit risky, but my little angel slept through most of the film, woke up and silently indicatedI feed her and then slept again! Perfect! The film was good too (Children of the Silk Road).

Anyhoo, better get some shuteye before our little princess awakens for more food.