Sunday, 20 February 2011

Niamh is 3!

Here is our beautiful girl!  Niamh is such a gorgeous little girl, happy, cheeky, stubborn and she has a great sense of humour. We are so proud of how far she has come. She loves to ride her scooter and bike and run around with her brother. We went camping a few weeks ago and she and Bailey enjoyed going off on 'adventures'! We went back to visit NICU on her birthday and it was incredible to be reminded of how small she once was and how far she had come. Niamh thoroughly enjoys fairy ballet and drawing and loves playing with other children, heres to another interesting year!


Jacinta Allen said...

I can't believe she is now 3. I started reading your blog when she was born. Where have the years gone? All the best to Niamh in the years ahead, she is certainly a little trooper.

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Roddy said...

a very beautiful daughter indeed.

Anonymous said...

God bless you.

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