Thursday, 10 December 2009

Our little Princess

I can't believe it's nearly Christmas again! Niamh is now 22 months old (18 corrected) and is a tough little cookie. She has to be to put up with her older brother who is not exactly gentle with her. She is starting to give it back to him though and surprised him with a smack on the face the other day. I couldn't help but giggle to myself.

Niamh is a crafty little thing, she can walk fairly well now but only when she doesn't think I'm looking! She is so independant and loves to feed herself now. Breakfast ends up everywhere and she thinks it's clever to wash her hair with it. Dinner the other night was bolognaise which was interesting! She has full on tantrums, mostly food related. She would eat all day if you let her and woe betide you if you have food and don't share! Bailey's got pretty good at the sharing thing now and he really loves her as she does him. They were just sitting in the car today smiling at each other which is gorgeous.

Niamh is getting lots of dollies and a pram this year for Christmas, she loves to walk and push things so thought she would love that. She still isn't saying very many words but definitely understands everything and will nod at you if you ask her if she is ok.

We love our little darling, as feisty and headstrong as she is, she is adorable and so cute. Can't wait for else she will bring us.

Movember (hence the Mo lol) At Adelaide Zoo November 29th 2009
Christmas Family Fun Day

Halloween! My two little Pumpkins :)

Piccie from July at the allergy specialist. Niamh has an allergy to peanuts. No. 4 on the scale for those that know about these things, so not too severe. She came out in hives after eating some peanut butter.


lolliegirl said...

Gosh she's growing up so fast! She's got such a cheeky smile. Just adorable.

How cute that they were looking at each other smiling in the car. If only the moments like that would last. They grow up far too quickly and then the bickering starts!

Hopefully she grows out of the peanut allergy. 4 isn't too bad at least (well, it's not 'good' but it's not 'bad' if you know what I mean?).

Thanks for the update :)

Sarah said...

Gosh, Its been so long since i checked up on little Niamh...... and thats a good thing.
Well done guys you, she is a beautiful little princess !!!!

賢 Shian said...

she is cute!

usual-daily-life said...

So cute!!

Tenielle said...

She's gorgeous! Wow...

Ashleigh said...

I clicked "Next Blog" and got yours... She is SO cute!

Have to admit I had to look her name up for the pronunciation, as I've never heard it before.. not common in Canada. But it's way cool, I have Irish history and I love traditional names like hers.

This was a very cute little blog to stumble on to.. with a very cute little girl!

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