Saturday, 18 April 2009


Niamh decided on Good Friday that she would stand up! There has been no stopping her since :) She isn't quite cruising furniture yet, but she did move her feet a bit last night. She stands up constantly now and is grabbing at everything! She is very proud of herself and shouts at us if we move things she wants out of the way!

Niamh has bronchiolitis yet again and we ended up taking her to hospital on Easter Saturday night at midnight. She was coughing and coughing and appeared not to be able to catch her breath. She improved a lot while we were there (of course) and we were home by 3am. They gave her some ventolin which didn't seem to do too much but little miss decided she wanted to go home so was smiling and very alert :) Thats my girl!

Choccy bunnies were on the menu for Easter Sunday and Niamh loved nibbling his ears.